Nap Cafés Are Flourishing Around The World

Burnt-out urbanites and weary travelers can enjoy power naps at these fuss-free and cozy sleep pods.

At Siesta & Go, prices start from US$16 where customers can enjoy a quick nap in a private bedroom; Photo: Siesta & Go.

Move over, cat cafés.

The latest attraction in town has shifted from dining in the company of irresistibly furry critters to slumbering in a peaceful cocoon.

Perhaps it’s a sign of the times that bustling cities are opening up nap cafés to cater to busy and burnt-out urbanites, as well as weary travelers looking for a quick rest.

Cities like Tokyo, London, Paris, and Seoul have welcomed nap cafés that allow visitors to take power naps in the middle of the day.

Most recently, Madrid saw the opening of Spain’s first sleep café aptly named Siesta & Go. In line with the city’s long-standing tradition of taking siestas during the summer heat, nap cafés seem to make complete sense. Prices start from US$16 where customers can enjoy a quick nap in a private bedroom.

In Seoul, South Korea, sleep-deprived citizens flock to the many nap cafes in the city during lunch break. Themed nap cafés operating across the country offer naps in hammocks and reclining chairs, in addition to beds. Visitors can enjoy an hour of relaxation including beverages, at prices ranging between US$5.28 to US$11.44.

Head to a nap cafe for some shuteye during your lunch break; Photo: South China Morning Post

Better known as “healing cafes”, these nap cafés in Seoul have become increasingly popular for everyone from new moms to white-collar workers. Mr. Healing, one of the biggest nap cafés with 60 branches, specializes in massage, while Cool Jam in Gangnam and others offer a similar concept.

Nap cafes in Seoul have become increasingly popular for everyone from new moms to white-collar workers; Photo by Koreaboo.

In September this year, Ginza, Japan opened a pop-up sleep café where customers could pop in for a 30-minute nap for just US$1.75. Ironically, with Nestle being one of the pop-up café’s partners, coffee is also available for those who need a caffeine kick.

A year back, London offered comfy sleep pods in the form of a Nap Station at the Old Truman Brewery, where free Wi-Fi and coffee were also made available. While this was a pop-up to promote Eve Mattress, there’s no doubt weary souls have found respite in these pods.


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