New App Allows Airline Passengers to Swap Seats

A newly-launched app called Seateroo is now allowing ticketed air passengers to swap their seats for a price on shared flights. Based in Southern California, the app lets its users enter their flight information as sellers who are willing to exchange their seat to a set price (with a minimum of US$5), from which a 15 percent commission fee will be taken off by the app. Travelers will be required to board the plane with their original boarding passes and complete the exchange once inside the cabin or after take off, while the financial transaction will processed electronically through the app. Seats will be on the market five days before the scheduled flight and up until the end of the flight, allowing users to swap seats even after take off if internet connectivity allows. The app, currently available on the iOS and Google Play, could reduce travel cost by replacing any fees that might be incurred by the airline to make changes on the seating assignment and gives the opportunity for passengers to upgrade  their seats even when they are sold out.

“Apps have greatly enhanced the travel experience for many,” said Brad Pursel, founder and president of Seateroo. “I believe that Seateroo has the potential to become a travel app that is used widely by those traveling by air for business or pleasure. After all, on almost any flight, there are going to be both people who wish they had a better seat as well as others who would like to save money on travel.”

For more information, visit Seateroo

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