Perrotin Tokyo Introduces Paola Pivi’s Magical World

One bear stands as if he’s about to pirouette, mimicking a ballerina. A duo—one in neon-yellow, the other violet—looks menacingly at each other, as if they are about to fight. Another sits in a moss green-colored office, sitting on an office chair with his legs propped up on a table.

"Here It Comes the Hunter" by Paola Pivi. All photos courtesy of the gallery.

“Here It Comes the Hunter” by Paola Pivi. All photos courtesy of the gallery.

These are Paola Pivi’s bears, which will be on exhibit at Perrotin Tokyo in a show titled “They All Look the Same.” The name is far from the truth. Each bear brings a story and has a personality different from the next. Physically, they even come in different hues.

"I and I Must Stand for the Art"

“I and I Must Stand for the Art”

Previously exhibited in the gallery’s New York outpost, these feather-covered mammals will set up camp in the Japanese capital from August 26 to November 11, coinciding with Pivi’s show at the Yokohama Triennale. This is Pivi’s third solo show for 2017, after having one at La Rinascente and another at Massimo De Carlo.

Ballerina bear

Ballerina bear

Pivi’s work has been hailed by one critic as “moving to the fevered beat of a Carnival party,” and indeed they do. Her bears dance to their own raucous rhythms.

Office bear

Office bear

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