Philippine Airlines Announces Int’l Flight Schedule for August

Frequencies to Busan and San Francisco are being reduced from the middle of the month.

Photo: Philippine Airlines

With quarantine-free travel already the norm across much of the world, the Philippines’ national carrier has enjoyed a substantial recovery as travel picks up in Southeast Asia and beyond. Its Manila–Singapore route is now being flown four times a day, while PAL jets land at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport no less than 17 times per week. Philippine Airlines is increasing frequencies to Indonesian destinations in the coming weeks: the current daily service to Jakarta will increase to 10 times weekly from the middle of the month, and the five-times-weekly Bali flights are now set to go daily from early October.

Mainland China’s strict zero-Covid policy and limited quotas on foreign carriers mean it is not yet viable to run any scheduled services there. Other major markets in East Asia are faring much better. In South Korea, whose borders fully reopened in June, PAL operates four times a week to Busan over the summer holidays, and nine times per week to Seoul-Incheon. Business travel to and from Japan has necessitated daily flights to Fukuoka, Osaka Kansai, and Tokyo Haneda from Manila, while Narita is served 10 times a week. Hong Kong still requires weeklong quarantines at designated hotels for all incoming travelers, but the size of the Filipino migrant worker population there is enough to sustain a daily service. Meanwhile, four-times-weekly flights are planned for Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan, where authorities have imposed three-day quarantines and a cap of 40,000 international arrivals per week.

Over in North America, demand for trans-Pacific routes remains strong. Philippine Airlines operates twice-daily flights from Manila to Los Angeles, with an additional service scheduled on August 27. Passengers are flown to San Francisco eight times a week, though the frequency is being reduced to daily from August 15. Home to a large Filipino-Canadian population, Vancouver is served on a daily basis.

Here is the latest information on PAL’s international services departing from Manila:

Country/Territory Destination Frequency
Australia Brisbane 3 weekly
Melbourne 5 weekly
Sydney 5 weekly
Cambodia Phnom Penh 4 weekly
Canada Toronto 3 weekly
Vancouver Daily
Guam Guam Daily
Hong Kong Hong Kong Daily
Indonesia Denpasar (Bali) 5 weekly, then daily from Oct. 4
Jakarta Daily, then 10 weekly from Aug. 16
Japan Fukuoka Daily
Nagoya 6 weekly
Osaka Kansai Daily
Tokyo Haneda Daily
Tokyo Narita 10 weekly
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 10 weekly
Papua New Guinea Port Moresby 2 weekly
Qatar Doha 5 weekly
Saudi Arabia Dammam 5 weekly
Riyadh Daily
Singapore Singapore 4 daily
South Korea Busan 4 weekly, then 2 weekly from August 22
Seoul-Incheon 9 weekly
Taiwan Taipei Taoyuan 4 weekly
Thailand Bangkok 17 weekly (16 weekly on the return)
UAE Dubai Daily
United States Honolulu 4 weekly
Los Angeles 2 daily
New York JFK 4 weekly
San Francisco 8 weekly, then daily from Aug. 15
Vietnam Hanoi 4 weekly
Ho Chi Minh City 8 weekly


PAL is also running several international routes from Cebu and Kalibo:

Departing from Cebu
Country/Territory Destination Frequency/Dates
Japan Osaka Kansai Aug. 11, 15
Tokyo Narita 3 weekly
South Korea Seoul-Incheon Daily, then 2 weekly from Aug. 8
Departing from Kalibo
Country/Territory Destination Frequency
South Korea Seoul-Incheon Daily, then 2 weekly from Aug. 8

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