Travel in Style with a Private Rail Car

Private jets? Sooo 2010.

If you truly want to travel like a rock star or a head of state, try booking a private train car.

Now available on many of the region’s most luxurious trains—including the Eastern & Oriental Express and India’s Majarajahs’ Express (pictured above)— Private Rail Car’s  charter services let you book an entire carriage for yourself and your nearest and dearest. Each coach design is different, but you can expect amenities like a roomy lounge area, well-appointed bedrooms, a butler’s cabin, a full bathroom, and plenty of big windows to watch the scenery roll by.

Off train, the company can also arrange for luxury lounges, helicopter transfers, and private excursions.

Rates vary by itinerary, but private carriages start at around US$9,000 per day, including butler service, dining and drinks. This kind of service comes at a price. But if you’re looking for a dream vacation, it’s hard to beat one that offers all the comforts of modern life spiced up with a healthy dash of old-school glamour.

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