Qantas Enforces Dress Code at Its Lounges

  • Qantas' First Lounge Library.

    Qantas' First Lounge Library.

  • First Lounge dining.

    First Lounge dining.

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Being a ticket-holder for premium seats or being a Qantas Club member will no longer be enough to grant one access to Qantas’ airport club lounges. Now, you’ll have to look the part too. Starting April 1, the airline will be more strict about enforcing its “minimum smart casual dress guidelines” at Qantas Clubs and Qantas Business Lounges in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, and Adelaide airports. Though the airline certainly doesn’t expect anyone to suit up for a black-tie affair, it will no longer give entry to passengers sporting sleeveless tanks, bare feet, rubber thongs, or clothing with offensive images or slogans. To ensure passengers are fully aware of the guidelines, Qantas will display signage at the entrance of each Qantas lounge until April 1.

“The vast majority of our members meet and exceed the guidelines,” the airline says. “But we have had some feedback from our customers that they want to see those guidelines apply to everyone.”

And the sentiment still holds. In a poll with 3,224 votes conducted by Australian Business Traveller, 84 percent of people were in favor of the dress code compared to the 16 percent who were against it.

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