Qantas is Adding a “Green Tier” to Its Loyalty Program

Australia’s flag carrier will be giving customers the chance to earn Qantas Points by offsetting carbon emissions in their everyday lives.

Photo courtesy of Qantas

Qantas has just announced that it will be rolling out a new Green membership tier for its frequent flyers in 2022, rewarding those who make more sustainable choices while in the air and on the ground. The Green tier will sit alongside existing flying tiers, and is designed to encourage eco-conscious behaviors from offsetting flights and staying in eco-hotels to walking to work and installing solar panels at home.

Members will need to complete at least five sustainable activities across six areas — flying, travel, lifestyle, sustainable purchases, reducing impact, and giving back — each year to achieve Green tier status. Once achieved, they’ll be rewarded with benefits like bonus Qantas Points or status credits, which come on top of the rewards already allocated under their existing flying status or as part of Points Club.

While the program will not officially launch until early next year, frequent flyers who offset their flights, home and car, install solar panels, or make a donation toward protecting the Great Barrier Reef will see these actions go towards meeting their sustainability target as part of attaining Green tier status.

Members can now offset their home and car emissions through the Frequent Flyer program, helping support verified projects around the world, such as the development of wind farms in developing countries, as well as reforestation and ecosystem restoration in Australia. This initiative complements Qantas’ existing Fly Carbon Neutral, with 11 percent of customers on already offsetting their carbon emissions.

A simple calculator on the Frequent Flyer website allows users to estimate a year’s worth of direct emissions from their home and car. Members can earn 10 Qantas Points per AUD $1 spent when they offset their home or car. According to the airline, the average annual cost to offset home energy for a family of four with two cars is approximately AUD $200 or 26,000 Qantas Points.

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