Questions We Asked on Facebook in 2011

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Many of our readers follow us on Facebook, often checking out our pics, comments, and questions on their smart phones while hopping around Asia and the world. They’re a travel-savvy bunch, so we especially enjoy getting their answers to the travel-related questions we ask. The number of replies seems to depend on the topic, the timing, and (mysteriously) the collective mood on that particular day. Below, some questions we loved getting the answers to in the year 2011:

What is the trip you’re most looking forward to in 2012?

What is your favorite beach-side bar, cafe, or restaurant?

Which hotel do you most want to stay in again?

What is the most unusual hotel you’ve stayed in?

What is your favorite small town in Asia?

Which hotels or resorts look most interesting to you from our new Luxe List? (

What is your favorite hotel or resort in terms of the bathroom?

What airline route (nonstop) do you wish existed?

What is your favorite hotel in terms of the breakfast?

In which hotel or resort do you feel most at home?

What is the next destination on your travel wish-list?

What are your favorite Chinese foods?

What kind of cameras do you travel with?

What are your favorite Thai foods?

What are your favorite cocktail bars?

What’s been your best hotel stay this year?

What are your favorite Indonesian foods?

What are your favorite areas in Asia for natural scenery?

Which city in Asia has the best restaurant scene?

What are your favorite art galleries in Asia?

What are your favorite restaurants in Asia for Sunday brunch? Hotel restaurants count!

What are the world’s top airports for shopping?

What are your favorite countries in Asia for travel?

What are the top cities in Asia for wine?

Which hotel restaurants top your list in Asia?

What are your favorite cities for street food in SE Asia?

What are your favorite beach-side bars in SE Asia?

Which hotels have the most comfortable beds?

What are your favorite hotels for business trips?

Which hotel pools top your list?

Which hotel chains top your list?

Which city in Asia has the best taxis?

What’s the best sunrise in Asia?

What is the world’s best skyline at night?

Where do you like to drink on Friday night?

Which temples in SE Asia top your list?

What are the best nightclubs around Asia?

What are the best villas to rent on Bali?

Which airlines give the best service?

Where are the best sunsets?

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