Sampling Japan’s Fine Whiskeys

Having garnered a reputation for being one of Tokyo’s most famous bars and a definite must-go for whiskey enthusiasts when visiting the city, Park Hyatt Tokyo’s New York Bar has taken into their own account the world’s growing interest in Japanese whiskey by introducing its very own whiskey tasting program, the Japanese Whiskey Tasting Experience. The bar, which became one of the central settings in the award-winning film Lost in Translation—which it partly owes its popularity to—is now inviting staying guests to taste and learn more about its selection of premium Japanese whiskey. Whiskey expert and beverage manager Yasukazu Koyota will be leading the sessions, which are set to take place on October 26, November 9, and November 23. At US$66, guests will be able to enjoy a selection of hand-picked rare and premium Japanese whiskeys accompanied by a sweeping view of the city and Mount Fuji, as well fine musical tunes from a live jazz band.

For more information, visit Park Hyatt Tokyo.

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