Shanghai: Latin Lessons at the Bund

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Above: Unico held its grand opening last weekend.

Unico isn’t bringing just the flavors of the South American pampas to Shanghai’s Bund, at 1,000 square meters—billed as Asia’s largest tapas lounge—it’s drawn on their scale, too. Located at the heritage building Three on the Bund, chef Mauro Colagreco has created a diverse selection of tapas, from octopus tiradito to lobster mocqueca with peanut oil, backed by first-class experience—Colagreco was the first Argentinian chef to be awarded two Michelin stars. His restaurant, Mirazur, which lies close to the French-Italian border, is listed at No. 24 on San Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants. At the bar, Héktor Monroy and Ines de los Santos are on hand to mix passion fruit and cayenne pisco sour (“a bestseller in Chile, Argentina, and Peru—fruity and slightly spicy,”) or an agave and coriander mojito.

Three on the Bund, 2nd Floor, No.3 Zhong Shan Dong Yi Road; 86-21/5308-5399;


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