Singapore Airlines Offers Complimentary Wi-Fi for Premium Travelers

Twitter update? Check. In-flight selfie? Check. Complimentary Wi-Fi is just part of the many privileges for passengers flying Suite, first, and business class.

Photo: Singapore Airlines

Despite the general consensus that in-flight Wi-Fi is slow and expensive, there’s no denying the conveniences of being connected to the Internet while flying.

Luckily for premium travelers onboard Singapore Airlines, the airline has now begun offering complimentary in-flight Wi-Fi onboard select aircraft.

Suite, first-class, and business-class passengers, as well as PPS Club members will now enjoy one free Wi-Fi session per sector when traveling on the airline’s Airbus A350, A380, and Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

When connecting to the network, they’ll be able to connect to Wi-Fi through the “Complimentary Access” section of the onboard portal.

While data isn’t unlimited, Suite and first-class passengers will get 100MB of complimentary Wi-Fi while business-class passengers and PPS Club members get just 30MB. To put things into perspective, 10MB will allow one to surf the web for about half an hour.

For the rest of the passengers, the airline offers Wi-Fi by volume with its highest-volume 50MB package costing US$19.99.

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