Singapore Airlines to Revamp Cabin

Above: The carrier is widely regarded as the leader in premium air travel.

Singapore Airlines may have the widest Business seats in the sky, and offer a class considered to be a step above First, but airlines cannot afford to rest on their laurels in the highly competitive premium market. It’s no great surprise, then, that the carrier has retained James Park Associates and hired BMW’s design subsidiary so soon after the last upgrade to develop a “next generation of in-flight cabin products.”

“In this business, if you are staying still you are moving backwards, as your competitors can catch up quickly,” a Singapore Airlines spokesman said.

James Park was responsible for the design of the current A380 Business seat, which is configured in a 1-2-1 formation across the cabin. Park is also responsible for the new Business seat on Cathay Pacific.

BMW has been tasked with upgrading the Suites Class.

Aviation analysts believe the rise of low-cost airlines in Asia is affecting SQ’s Economy ticket sales, while the region’s full-service carriers are improving their premium products, putting pressure on its market share in First and Business.

The focus for the redesign will be on First and Business classes—a new seat, new cabin design and new entertainment system—but Economy will not be overlooked; an improved seat and headrest are in the pipeline.

The design will first be fitted to Singapore Airlines’ new Boeing 777s, which are scheduled to enter service late next year, but the company said it could also refit its existing fleet with the new designs.


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