Singapore to Host FutureEverything Festival

FutureEverything, one of the world’s leading innovation labs, will be taking its ideas to Singapore next month, in a festival that is expected to bring together more than 30,000 local and international artists, tourists, and thought-leaders. Featuring a conference, an innovation lab and city-wide art and design installations, the festival seeks to explore issues surrounding of technology, art, design, and science, looking into their roles in shaping Singapore’s future as a Smart Nation.

“With our major venture into Asia, we are delighted to bring our 20 years of experience in bringing innovative ideas to life to the Singapore public,” FutureEverything founder and CEO Drew Hemment said. “At a reflective moment for Singapore in its 50th year, we want to engage and stimulate the public to consider how its future society could be further shaped by technology and innovation.”

Running from October 10 to 18, FutureEverything Singapore’s events will take place across several venues in the city, one of which is the ArtScience Museum, where three key activities will take place, including the Signals of Tomorrow conference and the Signals of Tomorrow Lab showcase.

For more information, visit FutureEverything.


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