St. Regis Rome Debuts New Couture Suite

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Above: The HBA-designed Couture Suite at St. Regis Rome.

St. Regis Rome (Via Vittorio E. Orlando, 3; 39-6/47091; has cut the ribbon on a new 150-square-meter three-bedroom suite on the second floor of the iconic hotel. London-based Hirsch Bedner Associates has taken the Italian master Valentino as its anchor point for the design, employing soft angles in the furnishings, and focusing on intricacies such as nail-head trim on the mill-work. The suite’s high ceilings confer a good deal of natural light on the furnishings—an antiquated mirror and original fireplace center the living room. A photograph of red smoke hangs in the corner room to invoke the artistry of dressmaking, while other free-flowing shapes have been employed in some of the furnishings—the chaise longues, for example. Framed photographs of past guests—think Elizabeth Taylor and Maria Callas—add an extra dash of glamour, and the suite also houses a private library showcasing works by Italian artists and designers, as well as travel literature and photography books. The Couture Suite starts at US$5,000 a night.

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