Street Food Gets a Special Focus in New Michelin Guide for Hong Kong and Macau

Hong Kong and Macau may be home to some of Asia’s most celebrated, Michelin-starred dining establishments, but this year’s version of the 2016 Michelin guide book that covers both cities is also shedding light on some of their finest low-key dining venues with a special street food section. Featuring 23 eateries in Hong Kong and 12 in Macau, the category includes street-side joints that serve a variety of dishes, from fried pork fat noodles, Thai rice noodles, Shanghainese pork buns, to Korean fried chicken, wonton noodles, toffu budding, and many more. Although no stars were awarded for this specific category, the list, aimed at highlighting the significance of affordable fare in the context of local culture, is sure to expand dining options for those in search of tastes that stand out amid the hustle and bustle of both cities’ busy streets.

“The Michelin guide has always been a true reflection of the restaurant scene in the cities and countries that we cover,” said Michael Ellis, international director of the guide. “In Hong Kong, street food is part of the local way of life: the city never sleeps, the streets are constantly bustling, and Hong Kong residents love to eat out, without necessarily sitting down and spending a lot of money.”

For more information, visit the Michelin Guide.

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