The New CloseCircle App Could Save Your Life While You’re Overseas

When faced with a dangerous emergency, you’ll be evacuated and transported home.

If you’d like to be even more assured, consider getting yourself a virtual bodyguard in the form of new app CloseCircle.

For seasoned travelers, safety considerations are par for the course—and we’re taking about buying travel insurance and informing your loved ones of your whereabouts.

But if you’d like to be even more assured, consider getting yourself a virtual bodyguard in the form of new app CloseCircle.

Users start by signing up for the annual membership and downloading the app to their phone. After which, safeguarding begins by monitoring one’s exact location at any time, with geo-data sent back to CloseCircle’s 24/7 Response Center.

At the CloseCircle HQ, large screens are set up, with each member represented by a dot. Should a dangerous incident occur, as alerted from reputable news sources, CloseCircle’s intel team will call and check in on the user.

The app also allows users to respond reactively via a built-in SOS button, which connects them instantly to the control center. As such, the operation can respond with the crisis, be it manmade (terrorism, political unrest, hijacking) or a natural disaster.

According to CEO and founder Simon Phillips, the app is a “21st-century security blanket”, and one that not only warns you of danger but will also transport you home safely with a single phone call, should you be caught in an undesired situation.

He adds, “Most travel policies are very good at medical emergencies but when it comes to security, [coverage] can be very thin with an awful lot of caveats.” With CloseCircle, though, “people are watching over you, and there for you, when you need them at the push of a button.”

More than a security monitoring app, CloseCircle is underwritten by an insurance policy that covers the cost of crisis management.

The team behind the app, many of whom are ex-Special Forces, will oversee this operation, whether by deploying a local contact to assist on the ground or chartering a plane.

If the team deems the situation dangerous and evacuation essential, it will take place no questions asked and with no charges levied.

In light of recent terror attacks and natural disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes, the notion of being protected by a virtual bodyguard round-the-clock, can be a rather reassuring notion.

While the company is based in the U.K., its services will be available worldwide, with its launch date set for December this year.

Prices start from US$226 per person; US$405 per couple; or $690 for a family of up to six people.

Find out more here.

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