The Plaza Hotel Crafts Crystal Chandeliers Into Jewelry Pieces

For decades, massive Baccarat crystal chandeliers hung around New York’s iconic The Plaza Hotel, as silent witnesses to the property’s many memorable guests and historical events—until they were taken down in 2005 during a massive renovation. Today, the luxurious fixtures (each worth between US$2,500 to US$4,000) will once again see the light of day, although for a purpose fairly different from their original function. Having partnered with designer Heather Morra, The Plaza is turning these chandeliers into jewelry pieces for guests who are keen on taking home a memento of their stay. Called “The Legacy Collection,” Morra has designed elegant necklaces and earrings crafted from six of the 24 chandeliers, which will be available for purchase at the hotel’s gift shop this month with prices starting at US$150.

For more information, visit The Plaza Hotel.

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