There’s Now a Durian Buffet at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

Running from now until the end of August, the feast at The Line celebrates the thorny fruit with a smorgasbord of sweet and savory durian-themed dishes.

The delicious (and some say pungent) durian.

Traveling in Asia this month? You might as well take the chance to savor the durian, the deliciously creamy and uniquely-scented “king of fruits.”

Thanks to good weather, Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand have been enjoying a bumper crop of the thorny fruit.

To celebrate the durian harvest season, The Line at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore, has brought back its popular durian buffet.

Durian kiosk at The Line.

Available from now until August 31, the buffet will feature an outdoor kiosk filled with D21, D24, and hong xia (red prawn) durians, alongside tropical fruits like rambutan, longan, and mangosteen.

Chefs will be on hand to crack open the durian, allowing guests to enjoy the fruit at its freshest.

For the curious, the D21 and D24 varieties are known for their mildly sweet taste profile and creamy texture. The hong xia, on the other hand, is instantly recognizable by its vibrant orange-red flesh and is among the sweetest durian varieties.

Durian fresh from the shell.

Apart from durian that’s fresh from the shell, the buffet line-up features crowd favorites like the seafood counter, Japanese sushi and sashimi section, as well as flavorful grills.

Look out for an array of sweet and savory durian-themed dishes such as durian fried rice, durian miso-glazed scallops, durian prata, durian pudding, and more.

Cooked à la minute, the delightful durian prata has chunks of D24 durian flesh in between layers of crispy flatbread.

Durian miso-glazed scallops.

Another must-try is the durian miso-glazed scallops, which features a faultless blend of umami flavors from the miso and the sweetness of the durian fruit.

The durian buffet starts from US$71 (S$98) per person.

More information here.

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