Your Guide to Over 200 Airports Around the World

You’re transiting at an airport for a few hours, in desperate need for entertainment to kill time or perhaps a power outlet to charge your phone. While sign boards will easily get you to main destinations, like restaurants and restrooms, getting hold of the littler things may take a bit more effort and asking around. It’s hassles such as this that the first global airport app, Flio, is looking to eliminate for travelers. Offering guides to over 200 airports around the world, including facilities such as power outlets locations, shower room amenities, and children’s play areas. Designed to better the airport experience for travelers, the free app will also automatically get users connected to the official airport Wi-Fi without asking users to fill in personal details as well as point you to special offers and discounts from airport shops. If you’re looking for things to do while waiting for your next flight, Flio is equipped to provide recommended activities, while for those heading out into the city, the fastest route could be just a few taps away on your smartphone.

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