This Floating Arctic Hotel is The Wellness Retreat of Your Dreams

Soak in an open-air pool, enjoy spa treatments, and enjoy the northern lights while relaxing in your bed.

Photo: Arctic Bath Hotel

A highly anticipated wellness retreat is set to debut in Sweden and it looks like an artistically arranged pile of logs lit from within.

For the curious, the unique design of the Arctic Bath Hotel pays homage to the country’s forest industry, whose products include wood pulp, timber, and paper.

Slated to open early this year, the eye-catching hotel floats on the Lule River during summer and sits suspended in ice during winter, offering guests prime views of the aurora borealis.

Needless to say, it will be a chilly experience, especially in the hotel’s central and open-air hub where the river pool is heated at a mere 4°C. To warm up after a dip, visit the adjoining hot bath or sweat it out in the on-site saunas.

Photo: Arctic Bath Hotel

The six bedrooms come with large windows so that guests can gaze into the star-lit skies or enjoy the northern lights from the comfort of their beds.

For those who prefer to take a break from the arctic cold, there’s also spa treatment rooms, a restaurant, and a lounge.

According to Jonny Cooper, founder of Off the Map Travel and co-founder of the Arctic Bath Hotel: “The circular shape of spa and Arctic Bath creates a protected environment sheltering guests and creating a haven to relax and soak up the local Arctic environment.”

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