This Luxurious Private Jet Gives You a View of The Skies Above

Automobili Pagani has teamed up with Airbus Corporate Jets to design this US$100 million Infinito cabin.

These days, aviation luxury truly knows no heights—from commercial airlines raising the bar with stunning new suites to private jets offering “7-star hospitality standards.”

Yet, here’s one cabin design that will make you sit up and take notice. Italian supercar manufacturer Automobili Pagani and Airbus Corporate Jets have teamed up to create the new Infinito custom cabin, which features an unimpeded view of the skies above.

Available exclusively for owners of the new Airbus ACJ319neo corporate jet, this cabin design comes with an entire ceiling that doubles as a screen projecting a live view of the sky above the aircraft.

Photo: Air Bus

Passengers can marvel at the scenery, whether it’s clear blue skies, twinkling stars, or even an angry storm, from the comfort of the plush interior.

This cabin mimics the look and feel of Pagani’s supercars, complete with a stylish mix of sculpted metal details, soft leather on seats and carpets, wooden floors, and touches of carbon fiber.

We wouldn’t be surprised if flying in such an environment feels more like a leisurely cruise, especially with the addition of purpose-built sections in the cabin, including a cinema, a dining area, and lounge.

Word has it that if this design is well-received, Airbus and Pagani will consider designing a video screen floor, where passengers can enjoy full views of the Alps or the bustling intersections of New York City.

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