This Map Has All The Airport Wi-Fi Passwords You Need

A travel blogger has created a useful map filled with crowd sourced information of airport Wi-Fi passwords.

The best way to pass your time?

The worst part of flying is something few avid travelers like complaining about—the waiting time.

From getting to the airport two hours ahead of your flight to navigating your way through all the baggage and security checks, the spare hours can make you wish time went by a little quicker.

Here’s where we rejoice for free Wi-Fi, the gateway to adorable cat videos, social media postings and other endless entertainment that only the Internet can provide.

Yet, it’s always a chore trying to connect to the airport Wi-Fi as most require either payment or elaborate sign-up forms.

To ease this common struggle, travel blogger Anil Polat has created a map with Wi-Fi passwords crowd sourced from hundreds of airports around the world.

One can simply zoom into the area they’re in and click on the airport location to access either a free, secure Wi-Fi network, or the name and password of a protected network.

That’s not all, users also receive specific directions on where to sit to best access the Wi-Fi connection, along with instructions for inputting the password.

Because giving back is always encouraged, travelers can contribute to the map by keeping it as updated as possible.

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