This Monochrome Hotel is a Minimalist’s Dream Come True

Hotel Mono is a chic boutique hotel set in six historical shop houses within Singapore’s Chinatown enclave.

Photo: Hotel Mono

In an era where big brand hotels pride themselves on opulence and luxury, it’s refreshing to find properties that eschew all of that.

Hotel Mono is one such property, a 46-room boutique hotel tucked away in six historical shophouses within Singapore’s vibrant Chinatown enclave.

Photo: Hotel Mono

Retaining its original charm with characteristic airwells, the building seamlessly weaves tradition with the city’s urban vibe.

Its facade is stylishly color blocked: white above, black below; allowing the Rococo-era windows to stand out.

Photo: Hotel Mono

Inside, clean lines, white-washed walls, grid lines, and black accents bring each of the rooms to life.

Photo: Hotel Mono

All rooms are lit with lighting bars and feature rain showers, plush beds, mini fridge, and more.

Photo: Hotel Mono

The loft room is the most stunning of all, with geometric black metal bars framing the staircase linking the ground floor to the loft bed.

Equally charming is the studio room, which resembles a cool bachelor’s pad with a plush sofa and a spacious living area.

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