This Tour Agency is Perfect for Adventurous Solo Female Travelers

Adventure Women will help ladies plan a safe yet immersive trip, with activities ranging from scuba diving to mountain treks.

Photo: Adventure Women

The joys of solo female travel have been well documented in multiple literary works, from Eat Pray Love to A House in The Sky.

Yet, the risks that come with being alone in a remote part of the world remains a real fear for many women seeking their next big adventure.

With this in mind, Adventure Women was founded by a mom and two daughters, all well-traveled women. The women-owned and women-run tour company crafts unique adventures for women that span everything from scuba diving trips to mountain treks, and more.

Photo: Adventure Women

Before the journey starts, the agency’s representatives have long chats with guests so as to answer questions regarding general topics like food allergies and even specific concerns like where to find birth control prescriptions, sanitary napkins, and clean bathroom facilities while aboard.

Apart from facilitating a safe and well-planned trip, the agency also offers the option of immersive travel, allowing guests to meet local women so as to enjoy cross-cultural experiences.

Photo: Adventure Women

According to one of the founders, Nicole Wineland-Thomson, these experiences can include meeting female free divers in rural Japan, talking to women in Egypt about headscarves and the meanings behind donning them, and even a face-to-face meeting with Finland’s first female president.

Whether you’re looking to visit Finland, Morocco, or Japan, there’s something for you. A quick glance on their site shows destination adventures including dogsledding in Lapland, hiking in Romania, and trekking in Machu Picchu.

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