This Video Shows Off Lombok’s Immense Natural Beauty

City-dwellers looking for travel inspiration may want to check out Invest Islands’ visual tribute to the Indonesian isle.

An aerial view of northern Lombok at sunrise. (Photo: Simon Schafstall/Unsplash)

While Indonesia’s borders remain closed to foreign visitors, would-be travelers can still get a feel for the island of Lombok through a clip uploaded to YouTube just last month. Titled “Lombok – This Place is Yours,” the four-minute video comes courtesy of Invest Islands, a Hong Kong–based real estate company with a focus on Indonesia. Invest Islands says on its website that it aims to buy and sell land for foreign investment and development “in a way that is fair and not exploitative to local communities nor the environment.” This approach matches the visuals of bucolic rural scenery, untamed Indian Ocean coastline, and brief glimpses of the local culture, including two adolescents engaging in ritualized rattan-stick fighting known as peresean, a custom of the indigenous Sasak people.

“Lombok – This Place is Yours” comes with a message that hits close to home for anyone watching from Singapore, Hong Kong, and Jakarta. “We don’t get stressed by time or traffic. We don’t worry about noisy neighbors or a high-rise ruining our view,” says the unnamed narrator. The video takes viewers on a virtual journey through Lombok, soaring high above the wild southern coast—home to a string of picture-perfect surf beaches—and then venturing deep into the jungled interior of the island’s sparsely populated north, where the two protagonists explore canyons and trek to Tiu Kelep waterfall on the slopes of Mount Rinjani, Indonesia’s second-highest volcano.

Underwater, the video camera momentarily captures close-ups of a sea turtle and other marine life as they fin over reefs of hard coral. Between those scenes and footage of worshippers at Pura Batu Bolong, a Balinese temple perched on a small headland overlooking Senggigi Beach, the narrator exhorts us to “pay attention to our planet’s health and pay heed to our people’s heritage, to live sustainably and travel responsibly.” That’s a lesson we should all learn, especially now.


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