Time Out Called Singapore “Boring” and The City Had the Best Response

Singapore Tourism Board released a witty video highlighting its best sights and activities.

Singapore? Boring? What a shocker, at least to travelers who have visited the island city-state and fallen in love with its multicultural scene and incredible street food.

Yet according to a recent Time Out City Life index, Singapore was ranked 31 out of 32 in the list of “most exciting cities”, despite scoring high ratings for safety, public transport, and its buzzy restaurant scene.

Thankfully, Singapore Tourism Board showed off its witty sense of humor by promptly releasing a video that proved the city was anything but boring.

Yeah, Time Out London, we’re pretty “unexciting”. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Posted by VisitSingapore on jueves, 1 de febrero de 2018


First posted on VisitSingapore’s official Facebook page, the video opens with shots of Singapore’s Marina Bay glittering skyline with the statement: “Yeah, Singapore is boring”, before flashing thrilling footages of Universal Studios Singapore, the Singapore Grand Prix, and the AJ Hackett bungy jump, alongside local attractions like Chinatown and Gardens by the Bay.

Best of all? It also dropped in a reference to Liao Fan soya sauce chicken, a Michelin-starred meal that costs a mere US$1.50 before ending the video with the rhetorical question “Can we be any more boring?”

Touché much.

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