Top 4 Dark Sky Reserves for Stargazing

Few things are more stirring, or humbling, than staring up at the universe on a clear night, but you’ll need to leave the city lights behind—way behind—to see the heavens at their brightest. For some of the best stargazing on the planet, start with these dark-sky reserves and parks.

By Brooke Grebert-Craig

1. United States: Canyonlands National Park
Recently granted Gold Tier status by the International Dark-Sky Association, this stark wonderland of canyons, mesas, and buttes in southern Utah has all the ingredients for exceptional stargazing: altitude (the average elevation is 1,500 meters), unpolluted skies, and an arid desert climate. Strike out on your own from one of the park’s three visitor centers, or join a Redrock Astronomy ( tour in nearby Moab, which includes use of host Alex Ludwig’s high-powered telescope.

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