See Tracey Emin’s Paintings Made During Quarantine

The renowned British artist is showcasing her newest works in a digital exhibition hosted by White Cube.

Thriving on Solitude – Tracey Emin

Tracey Emin is arguably years ahead of the curve. Prior to the days when we got to see everyone’s unmade beds on Zoom, she exhibited her own sleeping place in the Tate Gallery by way of the controversial installation My Bed (1998). That particular work generated a media furore but was shortlisted for the prestigious Turner Prize in 1999. Now, the latest pieces by the acclaimed British artist are being displayed through a special exhibition running until August 2, hosted online by the boundary-pushing London gallery White Cube.

Appropriately titled “I Thrive on Solitude,” the showcase encompasses a collection of small-scale paintings created during a period of isolation in Emin’s London home, focusing on a range of intimate interior spaces that, to her, represent a “transference of emotions and place.” The title hints at how she rejects the stigma of solitude that is normally associated with being alone and in silence. There’s the opportunity to think, to recollect, and dream in solitude. For Emin, these works mark the transition into an optimistic future—one in which to flourish and grow.

The Kiss – Tracey Emin

In a way, these paintings offer a glimpse into Emin’s sanctuary that is her domestic environment. After living in the same house for 20 years, Emin is on the brink of leaving it for a new home. She refers to the works as a “thumbprint of my time being here.” The memories and her sense of belonging, feelings of anticipation, and the prospect of adventure are also stirringly captured in these works.

Lastly, the pieces also represent a shift from one state of being to another: ‘The paintings move from one house to the next, like a channel through my mind.” In other words, Emin embraces change, and her outlook shows renewed purpose and determination.

Five Hours – Tracey Emin

In related news, Emin’s major solo exhibition “The Loneliness of the Soul” is slated to open in November this year at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. The showcase will then travel to the Munch Museum in Oslo in the spring of 2021, while The Mother, her permanent public commission for Oslo’s Museum Island, will be unveiled shortly thereafter.

Visit White Cube’s digital viewing room to see the rest of the collection.

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