Traveling with Your Baby? You Need This Ingenious 6-in-1 Suitcase

This La Multi suitcase is also a bassinet, bathtub, changing table, and a rocker.

Traveling with your newborn can be a big milestone (in your lives and theirs), and is clearly no mean feat.

With a whole checklist of items to bring, including diapers, bottles, and strollers, finding the perfect suitcase to fit it all can feel almost impossible.

Thankfully, a company called Canailles Dream has designed a suitcase to fulfil all of your baby’s needs. The 6-in-1 La Multi suitcase is a sturdy, hard-bodied luggage made from 100 percent recyclable materials.

While it looks like a nondescript check-in luggage from the outside, it has plenty of functions apart from carrying the bulk of baby must-haves.

The suitcase has the ability to fold, collapse, and transform into several types of necessities, including a bed, bath tub (sold separately), changing table, high chair, and baby seat or rocker.

Available in three striking colors, coral red, turquoise, and anthracite grey, the parenting-friendly luggage is priced at US$733.

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