Uber’s Flying Cars Could be the Future of Travel

The ride-hailing company has announced its plans to introduce flying cars to its portfolio.

Photo: Uber

Hailing an Uber to get you from one city to the next is all good, until you find yourself stuck in a four-hour traffic jam.

But what if you could soar over the busy streets with ease?

We’re talking about flying cars, a future possibility that’s closer than you think.

This concept, among various other initiatives, was announced at the second annual Uber Elevate Summit held on May 8 and 9.

Despite exiting from several markets in Southeast Asia, including Singapore, the ride-hailing company continues to innovate in the face of competition.

Uber’s plans for a fleet of autonomous flying taxis was first revealed in 2016, with this summit cementing the idea with a prototype.

Photo: Uber

Called Uber Air, the flying car resembles an oversized drone, which is designed to fly up to four riders over major cities. It will feature four stacked rotors along the spine to provide a lift, as well as a fifth rotor on the tail to allow forward propulsion a safe landing, should one rotor fail.

Like the other vehicles in its portfolio, the Uber Air (when launched) can be booked through the Uber app and hailed at various “Uber Skyports” built at the top of buildings.

Other factors also come into play, when deciding which cities Uber Air will call home. For instance, a stable weather environment is necessary, and cities with extreme cold or heat won’t quality.

Plus, the city government needs to provide streamlined building permitting, as well as zoning processes for Uber’s “Skyports,” which are the designated drop off and pickup points for the flying cars.

While Uber has previously mentioned its hopes of debuting the flying car service in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Dubai, they have yet to confirmed any launch dates.

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