VietJet Air Rolls Out “Fly Safe” Travel Insurance

The low-cost carrier is covering domestic travelers on a complimentary basis for greater peace of mind.

Photo: Vietjet Air

Vietnam’s largest private airline has partnered up with locally based company HD Insurance to offer free coverage for all passengers traveling on its domestic flights in Vietnam. Named “Fly Safe”, the newly introduced policy offers accident insurance valid for 24 hours from the relevant flight’s actual time of departure, and covers up to VND20 million (US$872), including medical expenses for treatment due to the accident.

Should any passengers be placed in quarantine due to coronavirus cases traced to the same Vietjet flight, they will get to claim an insurance benefit of VND1 million (US$44) per day during the self-isolation period to support their living expenses and offset any potential loss of income. This coverage extends for a maximum of 30 days after the flight’s actual departure time, and is valid for up to two weeks of mandatory quarantine.

To be eligible for the “Fly Safe” insurance policy, Vietjet passengers must provide all required information when purchasing tickets and comply with health and safety regulations throughout their journey, from filling in a mandatory health declaration prior to arriving at the airport, to wearing masks while on board the aircraft.

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