Watch: Tokyo Olympics’ Video is Pure Fun

Preparations for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are in full swing.

The organizing committee of the world’s biggest sports spectacle has just released a video: a step-by-step guide on dancing the Tokyo Gorin Ondo 2020, the official song.

The tongue-in-cheek video, which clocks in at more than four minutes, comes complete with singers and dancers wearing the Tokyo 2020 yukata summer kimonos. Unfortunately, there are no English subtitles.

Older Japanese people will recall the older version of the ditty, which was first released in 1964 for the first Tokyo Olympics. The remastered modern version was performed by singers Sayuri Ishikawa, Yuzo Kayama and Pistol Takehara, all of whom appear in the video.

What tickles people’s fancy the most are the illustrations for the choreography, which was partly inspired by the newly added sports in this year’s competition, such as karate, baseball, competitive climbing, skateboarding, and surfing. The choreography also has a PWD-friendly version (persons with disability).

Fans who wish to wear the adorable official summer kimonos can purchase them along with other merchandise from the Olympics’ online shop. The website is in Japanese, so be sure to have your Google Translate ready.

Should you have plans to watch the games, direct flights to Tokyo are available on Delta Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and United Air.

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