Watch Turkish Airlines’ Hilarious New LEGO Themed Safety Video

Inspired by The LEGO Movie 2, the video features the airline’s most popular destinations, brought to life brick by brick.

Airlines often pull out all the stops for their in-flight safety videos—whether it’s visually stunning drone shots of scenic destinations, tales of culture and heritage, or sheer, unadulterated humor.

In Turkish Airlines’ case, its latest safety video is a hilarious continuation of their ongoing partnership with The LEGO movie franchise. Last August, the airline’s first LEGO safety video even clinched gold at the 2018 Clio Entertainment Awards after garnering 20 million views in just a month.

Inspired by The LEGO Movie 2, which debuted in theaters from February 8, the new safety video stars characters including Emmet, Lucy, and others from the new movie. Even the deadpan LEGO Batman himself plays the director of the film, much to everyone’s chagrin and laughter.

Most notably, the safety video also highlights some of the airline’s most popular destinations, recreated brick by LEGO brick. Viewers will find themselves journeying across five continents, from Bali and San Francisco to Cape Town and Tokyo, before landing at Turkish Airlines’ brand-new home at Istanbul Airport.

According to the airline, the video production took 979 hours over four months and featured 24,000 LEGO mini-figurines. That’s not all—over 20 million LEGO bricks were used in the construction of the various locales, more than ten times the number of bricks used in the first safety video.

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