What Leading Gulf Carriers are Serving This Ramadan

Most notable is Etihad Airways’ inflight menu of seasonal specials by an up-and-coming Emirati chef.

Photo courtesy of Emirates


Customers breaking their fast across all cabin classes to select Emirates destinations can expect nutritionally balanced iftar meals consisting of freshly made grain-based cold salads and sandwiches. These will be accompanied with a variety of proteins, seedless dates, laban (fermented milk), water, and mini Arabic bread, among other iftar essentials. The boxes, whose contents are refreshed every week, will be served on certain flights during times that coincide with iftar or sohour, on services to and from the Gulf region, as well as those catering to Umrah groups travelling to Jeddah and Medina.

Emirates’ iftar box complements the airline’s regular hot meal service that includes a traditional soup option for first-class passengers on select flights. For customers on the ground boarding during iftar and sohour, trays of dates and water will be available at gates for several destinations. At the Emirates lounges in DXB, dates, coffee, and delectable Arabic style sweets will be offered throughout Ramadan.


Photos courtesy of Etihad

Etihad Airways

To celebrate the Islamic holy month, the UAE’s national carrier has teamed up with up-and-coming Emirati chef Khaled Alsaadi to offer a special Ramadan inflight menu. The co-founder of Abu Dhabi’s innovative Fae Café uses local ingredients and spice infusions to create a modern twist on Emirati dishes, retaining their authentic flavor while making use of contemporary cooking techniques.

Guests will be treated to Ramadan meals including lamb quzi with black pepper chutney, bulgur salad with a date vinaigrette, and sticky date pudding. In addition, a selection of Chef Khaled’s recipes can be accessed online or by scanning QR codes placed at the bottom of the onboard menu, allowing passengers to recreate Etihad’s inflight meals at home. This Ramadan menu will be available to guests on selected flights that coincide with iftar times, including those to and from the GCC countries. Travelers breaking their fast prior to departure or just before landing will be given takeaway bags containing dates and adorned with an image inspired by one of the UAE’s hidden gems.


Photo courtesy of Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways

Passengers aboard Qatar Airways flights will be presented with a specially designed iftar treat that includes a selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian wraps, a sweet box with traditional Arabic desserts, dates, fresh laban, and a water bottle. To share the joy of iftar, all passengers regardless of their religious background will be served an iftar treat when traveling on select routes across the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Indian subcontinent.

On the ground, Qatar Airways’ premium lounges are now stocked with a selection of traditional Ramadan favorites. Aside from Arabic coffee and dates, jallab (fruit syrup), tamarind, kamardine, rose syrup, laban and water will be offered to quench passengers’ thirst. Vegetable samosas, tharid (pieces of bread in broth) and porridge-like harees are also included on the festive menu.

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