What We Watch While In the Sky

At the Academy Awards set to take place February 22, cinematic excellence will be rewarded with one of the film industry’s highest honors, but do the titles that receive recognition on land get the same recognition up in the sky? Conducted by Spafax, a leading provider of travel entertainment solutions, research based on passengers of 11 premium airlines has found that for the most part, passengers aren’t looking for laurels; they’re looking for laughter, tuning to comedy films 52 percent of the time. Action has proven to be the next most popular genre, the favorite of 24 percent of passengers. That said, the chance that passengers are watching movies at all is pretty high. They opt to watch movies 40 percent of the time, choosing television shows only 7 percent of the time. Yet most passengers still agree: 83 percent believe that films are an important part of the inflight entertainment product.

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