Xana Lights Up Phuket

The latest in a string of high-octane beach clubs to hit Phuket’s sands, Xana (66-76/324-101; angsana.com) opened at the Angsana Laguna Phuket in late June. Joining forces with Singapore nightclub Attica, the lilac-and-white venue has spacious lawns peppered with shady cabanas and an inviting pool illuminated at night by the multicolored lights that fan out from the bar and its private upstairs party deck. For lunch, the Xana serves modern Mediterranean fare, but in the evening, it’s all about zesty Thai-inspired cocktails such as the Xana Vibe, which blends vodka and Triple Sec with local herbs and chili, and tastes like a yum som-o pomelo salad. Adding extra spice to the scene are Xana’s “secret sunset” sessions, when fire dancers, singers, and acrobats perform impromptu acts. –Leisa Tyler

Originally appeared in the August/September 2012 print issue of DestinAsian magazine (“Hey Xana”)

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