Win a Weekend Getaway from Jetstar

As the latest event in a string of out-of-the-box endeavors from Jetstar Asia Airways, the Singapore-based airline will hold a contest where a lucky individual will win an instant all-expenses paid weekend getaway for two to a surprise destination. Starting at 5 p.m. on April 10, 2015, 30 Jetstar staff dressed in orange company shirts will roam throughout the outdoor space at Raffles Place in Singapore holding identical suitcases. Contestants will have to tear a tag off of the staff members’ sleeves to open their suitcase, only one of which contains a winning pair of travel tickets. Once found, the winner will have one minute to pack the suitcase from a wardrobe available on-site then travel straight to the boarding gate at the airport to embark on their holiday. The contest demonstrates the airline’s new Straight to Gate check-in option, in which travelers with no check-in bags or visa requirements can skip queues and head straight to their boarding gate. For those who want to participate in the contest, be sure to bring a valid passport, travel essentials, and a travel buddy.

For more information, visit Jetstar Asia Airways. 

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