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Five Books to Read If You’re Dreaming of India
For the second edition of our “Asia on the Page” series, we spotlight travel narratives on the vast and endlessly diverse country by loc...
Coronavirus: China Ends 76-day Lockdown on Wuhan
The city’s railway authority estimates that more than 55,000 passengers will leave Wuhan by train on Wednesday.
Take a Virtual Tour of Indonesia’s Natural Wonders
Though it isn’t possible to travel to or around Indonesia for now, we can still satisfy our wanderlust with AirPano’s 360-degree camera ...
Coronavirus: Hong Kong Extends Border Control Measures Indefinitely
The extension is due to a surge in COVID-19 cases in the city.
Coronavirus: Thailand Extends Ban on Inbound Travel Until April 18
The order also requires all passengers arriving on flights that took off before the order came into effect to be quarantined for 14 days.
Indonesia: DIY Cocktails to Raise Your Spirits
Give yourself a boost by making the signature libations from these three hotel bars in Bali and Jakarta.
Recipes from the Road: Sate Lilit Ikan and Sambal Matah
Bring the flavors of Bali into your home by making this spiced fish satay—plus a raw Balinese sambal—entirely from scratch.
Coronavirus: What You Should Know About Singapore’s New “Circuit Breaker” Measures
These measures include the shut down of most workplaces, except those providing essential services or are in key economic sectors.
Museum MACAN Takes its Program Online
Jakarta’s leading contemporary art institution has now joined the #MuseumFromHome movement.