10 of Hong Kong’s Newest Fine Dining Restos

Frantzén’s Kitchen

Nordic restaurants in Hong Kong are a bit of a rarity, which probably explains why this eatery has made quite a splash when it first opened. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it’s the first international restaurant opened by Michelin-starred Swedish chef Björn Frantzén. Along with chef Jim Lofdahl, chef Frantzén up shop on Tai Ping Shan’s Upper Station Street in November of last year, where reinvented Scandinavian gastronomy has taken center stage ever since.

Frantzén’s Kitchen.

Frantzén’s Kitchen

Don’t expect to see anything grand—although its menu is delightfully playful. Seating a cozy 36, the space reflects the Nordic sensibility that has become so popular among home decorators recently. Above everything else though, it’s the food here that takes center stage.

A colorful creation by chef Frantzén.

A colorful creation by chef Frantzén

What you’ll get are traditional Nordic fare with a twist—things that someone who had never tried anything remotely Scandinavian will enjoy. Think slow-cooked chicken with chopped hazelnuts, chanterelles, and a miso-and-Jerusalem-artichoke puree, or cloudberry macaron.

A brave decision it was, but it looks like Frantzén’s Kitchen is doing just fine. If the reviews are anything to go by, Scandinavian cuisine may soon gain a foothold in Hong Kong.

Frantzén’s Kitchen's mustachioed sommelier.

Frantzén’s Kitchen’s mustachioed sommelier

Gough’s on Gough

British furniture brand Timothy Oulton tries its hand at diversification with its first resto, a double height contemporary joint led by chef Arron Rhodes.

Gough's on Gough.

Gough’s on Gough

The name is pretty self-explanatory: you’ll find Gough’s on Gough on Gough Street. As you enter, your eyes may need a moment to settle on only one thing. What do you look at first? The marble cocktail bar? The eye-catching black and white art deco-styled tiles? The gleaming gilded walls? Oozing vintage flamboyance, the British restaurant sure knows how to make a strong first impression to the 60 guests that it can seat within its confines.

One of the many tipples to choose from.

One of the many tipples to choose from

Of course, you can’t just sit and marvel at their décor, so a word on their cocktails. The classics are a safe bet but their must-tries are a range of tipples concocted in honor of one of the greatest minds Britain has ever produced, Winston Churchill.

To soak up the alcohol, order from their menu that features standouts such as grass-fed wagyu, textured forested shallots, porcini milk sauce and creamed potatoes, and roasted Oyster Bay lamb ribs. Whichever you prefer, it will prove that at two months’ old, this joint certainly has what it takes to stir the city up.

One of Gough's on Gough's striking corners.

One of Gough’s on Gough’s striking corners

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