Mumbai’s Oldest Dock Comes Alive with Street Art

The 142-year-old Sassoon Docks will be getting a funky street art makeover from St+art India Foundation.

Photo: Sassoon Docks Art Project

Once a bustling hub of activity marked by the whiff of sea and fish, Sassoon Dock in Mumbai, India, is now filled with the vibrant hues of street art.

From now until end December, the 142-year-old fish market will play host to St+art India Foundation’s Sassoon Dock’s Art Project.

Photo: Sassoon Docks Art Project

As part of the project, a group of India and international artists will be working together to organize art installations, mural painting, talks, and public tours.

Visitors will able to spot beautifully-shot portraits of people belonging to the ethnic Koli community on the walls of the dock, which are part of the artist JR’s global photography experiment project, Inside Out.

Other must-sees include a gigantic, sleepy man staring skywards, painted in bright hues on a tank by French artists Ella and Pitr. They have been invited to paint for the Sassoon Dock Art project through the French Institute of India and are a part of the Bonjour India fest.

Photo: Sassoon Docks Art Project

According to Ella, “While we want the audience to decide for themselves what they feel about the painting. The idea is to make people stop, rest, think, and feel free to dream.”

Of the 29 works of art on display, 11 are by international artists from countries including Spain, Austria, Mexico, and Singapore.

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