3 Chic Rooftop Bars in Jakarta

Por Que No

From the outside, Menteng’s De Ritz building—plain and seemingly unfinished—does not give away much. But as the elevator opens on the fifth floor and thousands of colored pencils skillfully arranged to spell the bar’s name come into view, it quickly becomes clear that one is in for a treat. Opened in April this year, Por Que No, which is Spanish for “Why Not?”, is a tapas bar created by a tight group of friends looking to create a chic yet casual bar and restaurant where the pursuit of fun requires little to no rules.

Be it for lunch or late-night drinks, guests are welcome to enjoy cocktails, tapas, and the warm ambiance of the place in the comfort of its air-conditioned room—dotted with playful decorations and more penciled colors on the walls—or its charming al-fresco area, where homey wooden furniture and trees adorn each corner. Most of the dishes on the menu are created by Melissa Kowara, one of the owners who also doubles as a chef, and polished by a food consultant flown in from Spain whose job is to ensure their authenticy. Drinks, from Spanish beer to playful cocktails that bear each of the owners name—and supposedly embody an aspect of their character—are served by friendly bartenders. Drop by for lunch or any night of the week and enjoy a range of fun events like game nights and live music, as well as exciting deals.

Por Que No; De Ritz Building, 5th Floor, Jl. Hos Cokroaminoto No. 91; 62-21/390-1950

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