Alila Solo Showcases Javanese Culture

It may be an ultramodern exclamation mark on the low-rise skyline of Solo, but the 29-story Alila Solo takes the Indonesian city’s Javanese heritage seriously. Most recently, the hotel has rolled out a two-night getaway to uncover the myriad charms outside its walls. A highlight is the private walking tour led by Laku Lampah, a group of volunteers armed with inside knowledge of the city’s historic sites and artisan traditions. Guests can also wander the halls of Mangkunegaran Palace—home to one of Solo’s two royal houses—and watch sparks fly at a keris-making workshop in a nearby village.


Javanese Loro Blonyo (inseparable couple) sculptures at Pasar Triwindu, a traditional market in Solo. Photo courtesy of the hotel.

Batik enthusiasts, too, will have plenty to wax lyrical about, with insights into the evolution of the craft at the Danar Hadi Museum, a foray into the batik-making Laweyan neighborhood, and a visit to the house of the late, great batik designer Go Tik Swan.

This article originally appeared in the June/July 2017 print issue of DestinAsian magazine (“Going Solo”).

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