Checking In: The Westin Jakarta

Towering above the Indonesian capital, this 256-room hotel’s stunning views and emphasis on comfort make it an ideal sanctuary amid the city’s frenetic pace.

The Look

Located in the 69-story Gama Tower in Kuningan, the Westin is, at present, Jakarta’s tallest hotel. Flora and fauna served as inspiration for lead designer Paula O’Callaghan, who fused them with some local elements. Batik patterns decorate the massive ballrooms’ door handles and carpets. The handcrafted chandeliers at the ground-floor entrance were shaped similar to a banyan tree’s roots.

Flower-like art installations were hoisted in both Heavenly Spa and the corridors leading to the meeting rooms. Wall prints of purple flora flank the reception desk at the Sky Lobby, which offers 360-degree views of Jakarta. The eye-catching and intricate chandelier found on the same floor was modeled after the Indonesian bunga terompet (trumpet flower).

The Sky Lobby

The Sky Lobby at the Westin Jakarta. All photos are courtesy of the property.

Such elements—and the impressive views—lend a photogenic quality to the Sky Lobby, making it a favorite hangout of the city’s well-heeled set. During the afternoon that we visited, several impeccably groomed twenty-something ladies were snapping selfies of themselves, with the hotel’s dazzling interiors serving as their background.

Heavenly Spa

Heavenly Spa

The Rooms

Space is rarely an issue with Jakarta’s five-star hotels, and the Westin is no exception. Its smallest room comes at an already generous 46 square meters. Floor-to-ceiling windows and off-white furnishings bring the illusion that the sleeping quarters are even larger.

The Westin Jakarta's Premium Room. All photos are courtesy of the property.

The Premium Room

Providing the right atmosphere for guests who need a trip to slumber land is the Westin’s priority. All guests are given a scented balm that calms the mind—making them ready to doze off in no time. We also adored the Westin Heavenly Bed, designed with a mattress that provides the right amount of support and softness. If you’re like me, and have trouble sleeping in a new bed, this mattress will make a big difference.

And then there’s Heavenly Bath. It’s primarily focused on the Speakman shower, which comes with two heads and promises to cover a bigger surface area than other brands. What will tickle a guest’s fancy though is that you can adjust how the water is sprayed. Light mist and “massaging needles” are just two of the five options. With premium, spa-like toiletries, Brazilian cotton bath sheets, and velour bathrobes, the Bath is further proof that the Westin doesn’t cut corners in giving guests what they truly deserve.

The Buzz

Business travelers will be delighted that the hotel has all the amenities that they need to recharge after an exhausting day at the office. Perched on the 50th level is an indoor pool, which also offers impressive views of the city’s south side. Children gravitate to the area on weekends, so we suggest lounging on one of the rattan daybeds if you’re not in the mood for a dip.

The pool

The pool

The rooms at Heavenly Spa deviate from the dim-lit atmosphere found in most spas. Standouts treatments include Hope, which aims to recharge the body while revitalizing the skin; Dream, a treatment that detoxifies, firms, and sculpts the body; and Wish, which uses Balinese coffee as a scrub to exfoliate the epidermis. There’s also a well-equipped gym and the restaurant Seasonal Tastes, which offers local and international cuisine.

The health club

The Health Club

Seasonal Tastes

Seasonal Tastes

Don’t Miss

Highly anticipated Nikkei restaurant Henshin has just opened, making it the highest rooftop dining joint in the country. Helmed by third generation Nikkei Hajime Kasuga, it’s comprised of a bar and a lounge (67th floor), and a fine dining restaurant (68th and 69th). Expect to see the best local DJs playing pumping music as well as mouthwatering main courses such as Henshin roll and Ceviche Clasico.

Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. C-22 A, Jakarta, Jakarta, 12940, Indonesia; 62-21/2788-7788; doubles from US$154 per night.

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