Mount Agung Volcano Eruption Closes Airport

Indonesian authorities have closed the international airport as Mount Agung spews volcanic ash.

The volcano alert for Mt Agung has been raised to the highest.

Following raised alerts, Mount Agung in Bali has erupted, shutting down its main airport.

Volcanic ash is said to be able to damage airplane engines or even cause them to fail. As such, flights in and out of the island have been cancelled, leaving more than 100,000 people stranded.

As of today, the disaster agency mentioned that the volcano was still emitting thick ash clouds and that “rays of flares from the glowing lava” were also observed overnight.

Apart from ash, streams of rock mixed with water known as lahars have also been spotted flowing down from the mountain. Officials have warned people to stay away from them.

As of now, the status of the volcano has been raised from Alert Level 3 to Awas (level 4), with people within 10km of the volcano urged to evacuate. Previously the exclusion zone around the volcano ranged between 6 and 7.5 kilometers.


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