Review: The Legian Bali’s the Spa

“Does it hurt?” asks my therapist, as she massages the back of my neck.

All I can manage is an incoherent groan. It doesn’t—far from it. I’ve had massages in Bangkok where I was twisted and poked at as if I were competing in jiu-jitsu. While those were painful, this one, at the Legian Bali’s the Spa, certainly isn’t. I’m enjoying every minute of it

The manicure-pedicure room. All photos are courtesy of the Legian,Bali.

The manicure-pedicure room. All photos are courtesy of the Legian Bali.

With interiors that pay tribute to local culture, the Spa comes with six suites overlooking Seminyak beach. The sound of crashing waves serves as a soothing background, as well as a carefully curated line up of Zen-like music. It also has a gym, a cozy manicure-pedicure room, steam room, sauna, and Jacuzzis. The newly relaunched wellness center, which used to be managed by an outside entity, employs therapists that have been working for at least 10 years, a fact that its manager is particularly proud of.

The gym

The gym

When the manager tells us that we will be in good hands, he isn’t exaggerating. My therapist doesn’t look like a year older than 25, but she certainly knows what she’s doing. She takes the time to explain the treatment, and makes sure that I’m comfortable during the entire process.

The sauna

The sauna

The gentle massage is just a lead up to a two-hour skin treatment called Elemis Thousand Flowers Detox Wrap. My body is generously slathered with a detoxifying and hydrating product that’s enriched with nutrients from a thousand plants, which explains the name. It’s one of their pricier key signature treatments, and I’m the only journalist from our group who is given the opportunity to try it.

The Spa's single room. It also has a couple's room where two people can have treatments together.

The Spa’s single room. It also has a couple’s room where two people can have treatments together.

The treatment also comes with a gentle facial that serves to give my sunscreen-deprived dry skin a much needed hydration boost via the use of cooling creams. My face isn’t pricked, even if I asked my therapist to do, which is par for the course with most Asian facials.

The steam room

The steam room

Both the wrap and the facial has left my skin smoother. What I appreciate more though is the sense of calmness that it has given me, which reminds me of how I used to feel when I was still meditating regularly.

I leave the Spa then went to the restaurant to stare at the ocean and zone out. I will certainly come back in the foreseeable future.

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