Ubud Neighborhood Guide

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The exterior of Fivelements’ restaurant.

More than 20 years of spiritual wanderings around the Island of the Gods is behind the roster of healers and beauty rituals at Fivelements. Founders Chicco and Lahra Tatriele first met (and were later married) in Bali while laying the groundwork for this transformative retreat. The couple encouraged their own healers and trainers to join them at Fivelements, and the results are extraordinary. Begin your journey with sacred arts practice such as meditation, yoga, or aikido and conclude your practice with a sakti elixir or rejuvenating bath. Delve deeper into the offering of healing and beauty spa rituals with treatments including Ida Pinggala employing a male and female therapist using opposite energies to deeply heal and balance. Wander the grounds for further reflection—the walkways and surprising bamboo structures adhere to the traditional proportions of the Balinese patriarch, in this case Chicco. Visit Fivelements for a finely curated vision of Balinese healing in its purest form.


The sakti elixir bath in a tub made with one piece of stone.

Puri Ahimsa Banjar Baturning, Mambal; 62-361/469-260 & 62-361/469-206; Fivelements

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