Jakarta Cocktail Guide

When the sun goes down on Jakarta, a new breed of bartenders starts to shake and stir in the Indonesian capital’s bustling bars. We speak with one of the more familiar faces on the Jakarta cocktail circuit and go in search of the city’s best sundowners in Union, Otel Lobby, and Potato Head.

Union (Plaza Senayan Ground Floor; Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8; 62-21/5790-5861)

Cucumber and Rosemary Crustaz – Midori, Hendrick’s gin, cucumber juice and rosemary. Tastes fresh and mild. Best to drink before the ice melts.

Cotton Candy Cosmopolitan – A twist on the classic Cosmo. Vodka, orange liquor, cranberry juice, and lime juice, poured over a handful of cotton candy.

Ginger Old Fashion with Smokey Orange – Jack Daniels on ice with orange peel and bitters smoke.

Otel Lobby (Jl. Epicentrum Tengah; 62-21/2994-1234)

Herb’n’Bourbon – Fresh local herbs, bourbon, muddled strawberries, citrus and honey, with rosemary to garnish.

Burning Mandarin – Hot chilli, mandarin vodka, lemon, orange, and cranberry juice. Tastes similar to a cosmopolitan but with an added spice kick.

Kudus – A mix of scotch, smoky whisky, dark rum, Javanese clove syrup with angostura bitters, and a dash of lemon. The taste and smell of lemon tone down the punch of the liquor.

Potato Head (Pacific Place Mall, Scbd, Jl. Jend. Sudirman; 62-21/5797-3322)

PH Mule – A variation on the Moscow classic, try this gin-based short drink of ginger, lime juice, and mint.

Pistachio Martini – Pistachio-infused martini served with pistachio nuts, and homemade pistachio ice cream on the side.

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