Australians are the Region’s Most Adventurous Eaters—Airbnb

According to Airbnb, relative to other nationalities in the Asia Pacific region, Australians are the ones most likely to dine out when on the road.

Titled “Restaurant Spending Report,” the survey found that on average, people from Down Under have the highest propensity to eat out (57%), followed by Indians (55%), Singaporeans (48%), and South Koreans (40%).

Middle-aged Singaporeans, those aged 55 years old and above, are more likely to dine out (57%) compared to their younger compatriots. Meanwhile 18 to 24 years old Australians (65%), South Koreans (49%), and Thais (40%) are more open to dining out compared to other age groups within their nationalities.

Released last October 16, the survey found that on average, men prefer to eat out more than women, who might choose to cook their food at the place where they are staying. Men in Australia (62%), China (29%), Japan (41%) prefer to dine out, whereas women from India and South Korea are more likely to prefer to eat at a restaurant and café instead of dining in.

The results are based on the answers to an online survey completed by more than 6,900 respondents.


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