Hermès Unveils New Window Display

Exploring the relationship between the natural and the artificial, Takashi Kuribayashi’s latest work for Hermès once again stems from the Japanese artist’s deep fascination with boundaries and intersections. The window display juxtaposes a series of oppositions—fertile soil and harsh terrain, lush tropical grounds and frozen landscapes, unadulterated forces and human creations—in a way that is both tasteful and stimulating. Products from the French luxury fashion house artfully bind these entities together, creating a sense of harmony and transporting viewers to an invisible realm where “truth resides.”

Previous works by the Yogyakarta-based artist include a ceiling-suspended installation made out of 4,000 wild Indonesian leaves, an interactive forest-like structure crafted entirely from washi paper, and an imposing wall piece that examines the experience of being underwater.

“Resonance of Nature” will grace Hermès Liat Towers in Singapore until March 2017.

For more information, visit Hermès.

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