PS.Cafe Opens New Outlet

Hipster-inspired interiors have become the norm in Singapore’s cafés, but PS.Cafe veers away from the cliché with the opening of its Fullerton outlet.

Inside the cafe. All photos courtesy of PS.Cafe.

Measuring more than 1,500 square meters, the stylish space offers sweeping views of the picturesque Marina and the nearby Art Science Museum. Done in palettes of brown-and-white, the dining destination is marked by stylish leather booths that surround marbled tables and illuminated by hand-crafted chandeliers. Potted plants dot the visually stunning space, creating the illusion of a tropical escape away from the frenzied atmosphere of the city.

In an email interview, we catch up with PS.Cafe’s culinary operations director, Chris Phillips where he discusses what the new outlet has to offer discerning foodies.

Another section of the dining destination

DA: How is this branch different from your other outlets such as the one at Ann Siang Hill, Dempsey, Paragon, and Tiong Bahru?

CP: PS.Cafe started in 1999 as part of the Projectshop concept store. Over the last 18 years, the brand has steadily expanded to encompass nine standalone outlets, with PS.Cafe One Fullerton as our newest.

From bespoke furniture and curated floral displays to thoughtful service and comforting dishes, the secret to our brand’s longevity is our attention to the finer details.

So when we came across the One Fullerton site, we knew it was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up. The team saw the potential immediately, with a light expansive space, an open-air terrace and views of the Marina. The One Fullerton outlet is our largest PS.Cafe to date, both in size and in seating capacity. The waterfront setting has inspired some of the new fish dishes that are exclusive to our One Fullerton outlet, such as the chargrilled skate with green harissa and broccolini.

Overlooking the city

DA: Tell us how the restaurant comes up with new offerings.

CP: When we look to build a new menu, around two thirds of the dishes on the menu is built up of PS.Cafe signatures, such as the PS. Burger, the truffle fries, and the double chocolate blackout cake. We do leave space to innovate and come up with dishes that play to the restaurant’s surroundings.

For example, with One Fullerton, we were inspired by its waterfront setting. The menu also celebrates seafood with vibrant fish dishes such as pippies with coral pasta and the chargrilled chunky prawn sandwich. Part of the new menu offers a selection of grilled sticks such as prawn and crab otah with a tamarind chili dip or the spicy chorizo kofta served with a honey and mint labneh.

Chendol sundae

DA: Why was the restaurant designed in this style?

CP: Design plays such an important role in PS.Cafe. It has always been on the forefront of our agenda. Our founders use bespoke furniture and work with in-house florists to create a true urban escape. The restaurant group even employs two in-house architects.

PS.Cafe One Fullerton’s design evokes a beachside boathouse ambience, thanks to design elements such as polished oyster shells and whitewashed shutters.

DA: Where do you source your ingredients?

CP: I tend to look towards Australia to source for our ingredients. They have such a good ethos when it comes to provenance and sustainability. Every time I visit Australia since leaving 10 years ago it has always inspired me when I see the quality of fresh new ingredients that are available. It is true that to make a great dish the fresh ingredients play a very big role.

Creme caramel orange cake

DA: How do you create each menu?

CP: I am from Australia and have been working in the F&B industry since I was 15. I’ve always had a passion for hospitality and cooking since I was young. I used to really enjoy getting involved in my parent’s dinner parties and making sure everyone had a good time. I completed my apprenticeship in Australian restaurants and it was there where I learned how to run a kitchen. I decided to come to Singapore ten years ago and I have been with PS.Cafe ever since.

I oversee the culinary direction of all outlets, focusing on planning and engineering menus. While the menu stays true to the PS.Cafe signatures, the regularly changing specials board is my playground. I work very closely with the co-founders to come up with unique dishes and exciting flavor profiles.

DA: How would you describe your service?

CP: Our team come with extensive experience which is why our service is friendly and efficient. We also regularly conduct food tastings to discuss with them the new items in a menu, so that they can discuss them with diners and give them the confidence when trying something new.

Chargrilled chunky prawn sandwich

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